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The Development of Artistic Creativity in Early Childhood and Preschool Age


Dodano 2018-05-08


ISBN-13: 978-953-8115-36-3

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ISBN-13: 978-953-8115-36-3

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The Development of Artistic Creativity in Early Childhood and Preschool Age

Antonija Balić Šimrak

Associate profesor Antonija Balić Šimrak, PhD is dedicated to her work on the project The Development of Artistic Creativity in Early and Preschool Age and the course Research of Early Childhood Creativity. Through them she systematically encourages the awakening of the visual cognitive world of students and art pedagogues. Their ultimate goal is to awaken and enrich the youngest, and therefore the most open-minded generations, to new artistic experiences that are actually the beginnings of their creative participation in the visual arts expression. Creation is everything. Every thought that has moved the boundaries of the cognitive world is based on creativity, irrespective of the branch, be it social, scientific or cultural that the child will later develop. Well-designed and well-prepared projects in kindergartens are innovations in which children learn about the world around them and within themselves. This project enables students to upgrade and build their own art experience because knowledge is the only authority that can convincingly awaken the curiosity of others. To know how to prepare a project, motivate children through conversation and play, provide equipment and materials, anticipate all the situations that could happen ... - all this is important and necessary in order to ensure the quality of activities for the youngest. They are the most sincere participants in the construction of the project, because they are curious, open and sincere in all the steps of their activities. These activities stimulate the creativity of students and children. They open up many senses and prepare them for quality work with those who think with their hearts. The exploration of children’s artwork is a course that develops all senses of touch, taste, smell, and vision ... It opens up many possibilities, whether it is therapeutic artwork, fine motor development, perception development, experimenting or exploring a concept from the idea to realization. The project on early childhood creativity has opened up many issues and opportunities for early childhood creativity, and precisely through research and exploration it has the opportunity to grow into a serious international story. 

Creation has no boundaries, and its each movement is the creation of the art of life.

Anita Parlov, Assistant Professor of Art


Volume Editor: Antonija Balić Šimrak

O autoru: Antonija Balić Šimrak


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